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Karim Khimji Orchestra Photo Album

Karim Khimji - Keyboard Player The Band - Safarisounds - Karim Khimji Orchestra (Karim, Vikas, Amin, Shankar, Parichay, Fatima) The Band having some fun
Amin Jiwa - Drummer Roofi on Dhol Kishore - Tabla, Dolak, Dhol, Conga, Roto Toms
Typical Band setup Lead Singers - Vikas, Fatima, Faiz Guitarists - Alnoor, Roofi, Amin
Karim Khimji - Keyboards Male Singers Vikas, Shehzad, Faiz Roofi - Tabla, Dholak, Dhol, Timbale, Roto Toms
The Band after a successful performance - Kishore, Alnoor, Karim, Fatima, Amin, Faiz, Amin, Roofi, Vikas Show in Buffalo, New York


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